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{January 8, 2013}  

Write Your Story

Conant Gardens Readers



So what do you write about? What stories do you come up with? How do your ideas emerge? What is your inspiration? Can you just write a story, poem or a prose? If you are the creative being as I am, then you already know that you have the intuition to develop your craft. You have read the stories of others and you have said to yourself, “If they can do it, well so can I”. You also have that dream particle already sparkling in your brain. Now get your pen, pencil, and paper ready. Put that dictionary and thesaurus in front of you, you are going to need it. Turn the computer on and load up Microsoft Word. Now brainstorm.

What’s brainstorming you say? Brainstorming is just jotting your ideas down and in no particular order or sequence. It’s just like mapping out the story…

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