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{March 9, 2011}   Before You Submit

Once you have finished WRITING your precious chapters, revising, proofreading, and taking care of all the necessary editing, you might be ready to submit your WORK to a printer or a publishing house, or are you?
Once the manuscript of your STORY is ready to be published, you are also ready to change your STATUS. You will no longer be considered just a WRITER, but now you will be called a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. Therefore, you know that you have to PROTECT your work. Not PROTECTING your CRAFT is absolutely LUDICRIS! All your work was not done in VAIN! This is what you have you have sweated many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and perhaps years over, right? You had an Idea, a creation, a CRAFT, and now you want to gift-wrap it for your readers. If this is true, then for your sake, PROTECT what you have written. How do you do that? Follow the next step. COPYRIGHT IT!
My work was important to me. All those ideas were mine. The characters breathe through me, and I through them. The setting was my utopia society, no matter how serene or violent it may have been. It was the world, society, existence in which I created in my mind’s eye. It was my perfection, and no one else’s. My story was like a unique child; vulnerable. I had to hover over it and shield it from any type of peril. Therefore, I was certainly going to make sure my readers knew that it was ‘I’ who wrote my story; therefore I had to patent this invention of words and COPYRIGHT it at the first available moment!

There are three basic ways to COPYRIGHT your CRAFT.
1. After I finished my manuscript, I MAILED it to MYSELF and put it in my fireproof file cabinet when it was delivered by the postmaster. No, I never RE-OPENED it. If you open the envelope, you would have just broken the seal in which would have protected your RIGHTS as the owner. Only the AUTHOR of the manuscript knows what is inside, therefore if you maintain the seal, you maintain your ownership. So MAIL yourself your own manuscript, let yourself sign for it, then put it in a safe deposit box at your bank, or under lock and key in a fireproof safe in your own home. You won’t regret it believe me. Sounds silly? Not to an experienced judge in a court of law it won’t.
2. I also SENT my manuscript to the Library of Congress Copyrighting office. Manually you can FILE your rights directly. You can request a form from the Library of Congress. This form assures you that your work is registered and cannot be PLAGARIZED. This method of course can take up to six months to get a CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION. But once you received the CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION, you will frame it like the degrees in a doctor’s or lawyer’s office. I framed the one for my book, ‘The Passing of Mother Mary’.
3. If you want a faster route, then thank God for the invention of computers and the internet. Go to the number one, and possibly the most trusting copyrighting site: Here is where you want to COPYRIGHT your stories, poems, novellas, novels, songs, plays, screenplays . . . etc. DO NOT go to any other site. Yes, other sites will file the paperwork for you. But, how lazy are you really? You just wrote a novel and you are too lazy to do the paperwork yourself to protect what you wrote? Just stop right here then. Go no farther. All other WRITERS who really want to be published, this is the route to take. The other web sites will be the ‘mediator sites’; They take your money with their $10-30 profits and register the book for you. However, If you do it the right way, you will be happier when you receive the CERTIFICATION OF REGISTRATION in the mail in about 6-8 weeks. That’s your trophy for all your efforts, and yes for the novice WRITER, that’s worth a bottle of champagne. I had my glass of joy when I received the first CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION. It was my academy award for best personal achievement. You will be in the flood of tears as I was, so get COPYRIGHTED!
Now that the WRITER’S CRAFT is mine by law, I can sue for plagiarism. I once thought, why do I have to protect my WORK once it is published? Who else can I trust to pursue my all of my efforts? We have finished the CRAFT, protected it, and now, we want promote our CRAFT through publishing.
This next step has a crack in it. We must climb this step very carefully, or we’ll end up falling back down to Step 1. Have faith, we will continue to climb. This is our destiny, we already waited too long.
The life of a WRITER ends when a WRITER puts their pen down, puts the paper away, and vowed not to READ any more BOOKS! This is of course, an abomination, but I was ready to do just that. I nearly fell off this next step. Now, I would rather learn from my mistakes and try again. I have failed so many tasks, that failure was an option, but for the first time in my life, I wanted prove myself wrong. I wanted to learn that my WRITER’S CRAFT was nothing to be ashamed of, and I could take one more breath and leap without looking back.
This next step is called the WRITER’S LEAP. You need faith, strength, and the will power not to turn around. If you fall on this step, for GOD’S SAKE, GET BACK UP! You can cry, scream, and yell, but don’t STOP your CRAFT!
At this point, you are no longer just a WRITER, you are, or about to be a published AUTHOR, so that’s what I have to refer my WRITERS as; AUTHORS!
Take a deep breath. Hold the air inside. Concentrate. Blow your sigh out slowly. Now, STEP FORWARD. God Bless you WRITERS! Ooops, AUTHORS!


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